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English Story Surrendered- It’s Not A Crime | Story Of The Month |

English Story Surrendered- It’s Not A Crime | Story Of The Month |

Surrendered- It’s Not A Crime

The rain is relentless. I hear it thrumming on the metal roof and running down the broken pipe into the mud, and  moisten my cracked lips with my tongue.  Wonder if they’ll bring me food and water.

wonder if they’re coming at all. I sit back and lament the circumstances that brought me here. There was once a time when I dreamt of becoming a successful writer and poet.

Things were moving smoothly. I had a wonderful person in my life and both of us loved each other. We wanted to get married and fulfill our dreams together. He always used to support me, respect me and love me like no one else. I loved him madly and he was my strength.

And then one day I decided to tell everything to my parents but they didn’t agree because of caste differences. Like every love story my beautiful story ended here.

It shattered me for many months. I tried hard to make my parents understand but nothing worked out. They just wanted to save the reputation of our family. I cried a lot but then I decided to focus on my career.

I faced several challenges but my good luck never came. Day by day my strength, my positivity kept plummeting. Finding myself nowhere I said yes to one of the marriage proposals and got married. I had never felt as helpless as I felt that day.

After marrying a stranger I didn’t think about what’s next in my life but I knew one thing that I really wanted to fulfill my
dreams, so I said to my husband about it on our first night. But he got angry and slapped me while I was arguing with him. He went away from that room and I cried a lot. (English Story Surrendered)

I decided to know him first- understand his thoughts and mindset. The next day onwards I started to talk to him politely, fulfilling all his wishes to present myself as a good wife.

I was putting all my efforts but sometimes he behaved quite strangely. There was something in him that made me feel that there is more to him than meets the eye. I once asked him, “Is there anything that you want me to know.

I am your wife you can share it with me.” He simply shrugged his shoulders but his eyes were telling me a different story. didn’t force him to reply then. One day out of the blue, he asked me to go for a candle light dinner. I said yes and we both went out.

We enjoyed a lot that day. But one thing which I came to know in a few days was that he is a little conservative in his thoughts. Sometimes he put restrictions on getting closer with his friends when they used to visit us on weekends.

One day he told me about the harassment of one his female colleague. I wondered if this was the reason he never wanted me to do a job.

But then I thought of making him understand that it doesn’t happen to everyone. Next morning while serving him breakfast I tried again but this time he said me to not go beyond the limits.

He behaved very rudely and said “if you want to do something without my will you can leave this house right now”. If I am against it then you should understand it. You shouldn’t be adamant. Since that day we used to fight and argue on a small matters. Days passed on and
there was no one to listen to me.

Then one day when I was returning from the market I saw a lady near my house. I asked her name, introducing herself she said Anayna Mehta.

She said that she just shifted a day before. Soon we became friends and one day while we were talking about our aims and ambitions, she came to know about my dreams and my husband’s views on that.

I was a little happy to find someone who understood me and my dreams. Like an elder sister, she would always advise and encourage me. One day I invited her for dinner. I introduced her to my husband.(English Story Surrendered)

We had gossips and fun together, then they kept on talking about jobs and other things. Then my husband asked her what she is doing here alone in this city.

She said she is preparing for banking exams and she joined one of the best institute here. Then my husband went to the room and we continued till we finished our meal.

Next day when I met her she encouraged me to study again. She assured me her full support required for preparation and all other things that I needed.


I spent most of my time in her house. She used to guide me like a teacher. One day I told her that my husband didn’t pay attention towards me and I was not even happy in this marriage.

“He is against my job. What should I do now”, I asked her. She advised me to focus on my studies, “may be he would realise his mistake and change his thoughts one day”, she added. Finally the day came when I went out for my exam and returned back before my husband.

Then one month later the result was published and I was selected. It was one of the best days of my life. I thought this news may change my husband’s views as I had worked hard for it .

That day he came home late and drunk. Sensing that this wasn’t the right time to let him know about my success, I decided to talk to him later. Next morning it was a Sunday and I prepared his favourite dishes.

We ate lunch together and then I decided to tell him everything. He kept mum for a while but then he started arguing with me.

We had a big fight and he tried to hit me but this time I stopped him and packed my bags and decided to quit this relationship. I was tired of trying now. I was about to pick up a taxi, when someone hit me from the back on my head. Soon I blanked out.
I don’t remember what happened after that. But when I woke up I realised it was raining and I was at some unknown place. May be I was unconscious for some two to three days. I felt weak and hungry.(English Story Surrendered)

The room where I had been kept was dimly lit. I was all alone crying. My assailants must have put some injections in my body as I used to be conscious for two to three hours. The very next day someone opened the door and took me outside.

My heart come out when I saw Anayna there. She started laughing and said I want you to meet someone. I was shocked when I saw my husband.

I asked her why she was doing all this. She held my husband’s neck and said, “Remember Sanaya Mehta? The girl whom you dated for two years and left for the sake of your family’s reputation and got married to this girl.

My sister was broken after this and she met with an accident while driving one day. She is in a coma now. She is just a lifeless body with a soul. You destroyed our beautiful family, you are responsible for everything. I am here for the revenge.

I will kill both of you . Your wife was just a part of my plan to bring you here.” My husband tried to explain her everything as how their relationship came to an end but she was in no mood to listen to anything. was perplexed as what to do next. I gathered my strength and tried to get up.(English Story Surrendered)

Anayna was about to shoot my husband when I pushed her away. The gun fell from her hand and I took it. I tried to make her understand but she was not ready to listen to anything.

She fiercely put all her efforts to get back the gun. My husband tried to control her but she didn’t stop .Finding no other option I shot her in self defence. I stood there nonplussed. I shivered for a moment, I started crying but I did everything to save me and my husband.

Now at this moment my husband held me and hugged me like never before. He was sorry for everything that had just happened. I tried to console him and somehow we managed to get out of this place.

First we went to the police station and explained each and everything to them. We told them about the location where the dead body was lying .I surrendered myself.

My husband realised all his mistakes. He didn’t want me to let go but I was helpless. He proposed me before I appeared in the court. But as it turned out, it was too little too late.

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