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Best English Stories | Divorce- A New Journey | The Surprise

Collection Of Best English Stories | Divorce- A New Journey | The Surprise |



Finally I stepped out from all my worries and anxieties that led me to lose completely what I was. I had put all my efforts to get things sorted but it seemed like two ends far from each other.

I started feeling like a stranger at my own home. I was the victim of a crime that I didn’t commit. Every day I used to scream and cry a lot. I didn’t realise that things would change so drastically.

My whole world shattered before me like a mirror and I couldn’t fix it. I tried a lot to save my beautiful relationship, my marriage, my commitment but I failed.

Things started when I was on a three month business trip to London. I was the head of the project. I was passionate about my career and had been working hard for the last 3 years. But during that I was not able to manage my personal life, and we started arguing on trivial issues.

Sometimes he would try to console me and handle the situation but I was in a different zone at that time and he started assuming that my priority is only my work and not he.

Day by day our beautiful bond turned into a bitter relationship. Things went on but I found that he was not texting or calling me as frequently as he used to.

I loved him a lot but my focus was on my career. After completing the trip, I returned home. I was delighted to see him as I had missed him so much. I went close to hug him but something was wrong.


He didn’t hold me the way he used to. I apologized for all my rude behaviour and whatever argument we had for the past three months. He wasn’t happy.

There was something amiss but then I thought that maybe I had been thinking too much. I thought I should give him some time to get over this situation.

Everyday I was taking one step towards him but I saw him taking two steps back. Then one day when he was taking a shower I picked up his incoming call and heard “Hey, where are you? I’ll be on time today”.

I didn’t reply anything to her and informed Puneet about that call. I asked him, “Who is she?” He replied, “She’s Pranjal, my daughter’s boss.” “Why did she call you?” I argued. He explained that they were just friends and working on the same project, and then went away.

I stood quiet for a few minutes. Negative thoughts chattered in my mind but I trusted him. “He loves only me”, I assured myself. Later in the day, I prepared a romantic candle light dinner for him.

I wore his favourite black saree. After hours of restlessness, finally the doorbell rang. I opened the door slowly and yelled, “Surprise!” holding his hand I said, “This is for you. The past couple of months have been a roller coaster ride for us.

I have prepared all your favourite dishes. Let’s make up for the lost time.” He replied in a rough voice, “I had dinner with my colleagues so you better enjoy your meal”. I asked him politely, “What went wrong baby? Why are you behaving like this? I am your wife.


I prepared everything for you. You don’t even remember that today is our anniversary and I wore your favourite black saree. I have been trying to get things back on track. Does this count for nothing?” He kept mum for a while.

I could see tears rolling down his cheeks. He silently went to his room and locked himself. I cried a lot. Next morning we didn’t talk to each other and this went on for fifteen days. We were in same house but in different rooms.

One day when we finished our dinner I asked him, “Do you want to stay with me?” He didn’t utter a word and went to sleep. After half an hour he knocked my door, I opened it and he said that he wanted to confess something.

He went on to explain. “When you were busy in your trip, Pranjal entered my life. I am an employee in her dad’s company so we were working together on a project and became friends soon.

She started liking me and I was going through a troublesome phase. Unknowingly I committed a mistake, a big mistake. I know you won’t forgive me but believe me it just happened.

I asked him, “What are you talking about Puneet and what do you mean by mistake?” He said “I slept with Pranjal. I don’t know how this happened. I had no such intentions. Just messed up. Pranjal said that she loves me and wanted me to leave you.” Hearing all this my heart skipped a beat.


I was numb for a moment. Then I asked him strongly, “Do you love her”? “No, I don’t love her, it’s just infatuation. I just don’t know what exactly it is?” he replied.
Holding myself together I said, “For me you were my life, my everything. I know I gave priority to my career but that doesn’t mean I didn’t love you.

I love you like you can’t even imagine. I never think of anybody else. But what you have done Puneet has broken my heart, my dreams, and everything. You shattered my whole world.

He tried to hold me but I refused to take any help. I told him it was time to walk out of this relationship. “I want a divorce”, I affirmed. “Don’t do this I can’t stay without you, it was just a mistake, I won’t repeat it again.” he begged. I asked him, “Mistake? If I were in your place would you accept me after this? Tell me honestly?” He insisted.

He stood silently bereft of any answers. I packed my bags and moved out of the house. That was the toughest decision I took despite loving him unconditionally.
I went to my home and told everything to my parents. They wanted me to think again before taking such a big step but somewhere I knew my heart won’t allow me to trust him again.

My father asked me questions as to how would I spend the rest of my life? What will I answer to my relatives and friends? I told him that he need not answer anyone.


I knew its not going to be easy but I don’t have any other option. I can compromise anything but not my self-respect. What he did not only broke my heart but also my self-respect .Saying this I entered my room and cried like never before. I wanted to release all my pain.

I decided to heal myself but some beautiful memories always filled tears in my eyes. After one month I decided to join office again and keep myself busy.

I worked hard again, put all my efforts to reach my goal. Finally a day came when I was awarded the Best Business Women of The Year. Tears again rolled out but this time it was really meaningful.


Days passed on then one day when I was on my way home, my car stopped working. I went out to check what went wrong. There I saw two children playing and laughing. I went closer and asked their names.

Introducing herself the girl said that she is Puja and his brother name is Akash. It appeared as if Puja was six and her brother probably three years old.

I enquired about their parents, but puja said that they met with an accident and now they begged and stay here.

I felt so touched and hugged her. I didn’t want to leave them alone so I thought of taking them along with me.

Puja hesitated initially then I assured her that I will be taking care of her and his brother. I didn’t give a second thought and did what my heart said. But then after some days I realized there are many Puja and Akash who need me.


Finally I decided to make a house for those children who really need someone to look after them. I started it with my 2 BHK flat that I had bought a few years ago. I named it “My sweet home”.

My parents were ready to help me. I took help from my Facebook account. Large number of people showed interest in supporting me. Within a year, from a 2 BHK flat it turned into a small organisation where I hired people who took care of my beautiful prince and princess.

Now we have around 50 students. But education was the foremost thing that I wanted to provide them, so one day I contacted some of my friends if they can help me.

During this I came to know about my friend Aditya who was interested in helping our cause. He himself contacted some other organisations and schools and we went there for help. Finally we got help from one of the reputed organisations.

I thanked him for all his efforts .With the passage of time “My sweet home” sheltered many children, and it became my world, my beautiful world that I had never imagined.

I was lost in my thoughts when Mrs. Avantika, the writer of the’ New world magazine’ asked me, “Ma’am how will you conclude this journey in one line”? I said “The strangest thing about this strange journey is that it began with a word ‘Divorce’.” “What is your message for our readers? she continued. (Collection Of Best English Stories | Divorce- A New Journey | The Surprise)


“I really want to say that if you want to achieve something first know yourself, no matter how hard it is remember one thing that nothing is impossible, all you need to do is believe yourself, only you can change your life.” I answered.

“Thank you ma’am for this interview. Your journey from “Business Women of The Year” to “My Sweet Home” organisation will inspire a lot of people who really want to achieve something in their life.” She concluded.

The Surprise Best English Stories

Its been 24 years since me and my wife started living happily together. We have a son- a small loving family, sharing each other’s happiness and sorrow.

My wife loves surprises and I always find ways to surprise her. In weekends we used to dine out at our favourite place where we met first for our marriage discourse.

She loves that place as it completes us -my name is Ruhan and hers Anita and the cafe name is “RUHAANI RUBAROO”. When we first met we didn’t even realise that we are going to spend so many years together.

We started our relation as friends. I used to call her ‘moti’. Not because she’s overweight but because she looks like a teddy bear. She actually completes me.

She is a good decision maker and a beautiful soul. With her I actually realised how beautiful life is. She is a strong woman and a banker by profession. Sometimes I just wonder how she manages everything.

She always has time for me and helps me in my official work. Nowadays she is working with me in my new project. I had a final presentation so she woke me up early in the morning.

I made myself ready for the presentation. In the meanwhile, I sensed a mesmerizing smell coming out of the kitchen. Just then I noticed my wife walking up to me with “Gajar ka halwa”. I was little surprised but couldn’t control and started eating. She didn’t say anything but it seemed that she was upset.

Running out of time, I just kissed her and went away. I was busy whole day in the office and then at 6’o clock I got a call from Ruhaani Rubaroo. They asked me to collect a gift voucher.


As they insisted me to make a visit, I went there at 7’o clock. After parking my car I entered the cafe when one of the waiter asked me to go to the back side of the place. As I entered the hall, there was a couple sitting in the cafe when I walked in. As the light was low, I didn’t know who they were until the woman turned around, and I saw it was my wife.

For a while I stood there puzzled trying to figure out why she was here. I was not able to see the face of the man, but it just broke my heart for a while. For a second I held myself together and walked towards her.

I saw her smiling and just the next second I heard a loud noise while a soft music began in the background. Before I could make sense of anything, I heard people wishing me “Happy Anniversary”. I was so busy that I didn’t even remember that it was our 25th anniversary- a silver jubilee.

Well, she surprised me like never before. Our close friends and relatives were present there. The man seated next to her was none other than our son ‘Rehan’. My wife Anita got a little emotional. She hugged me.

I never knew that she loves me so deeply. Then we both cut the cake and danced on our favourite song “Tum Hi Ho”. She gave me a beautiful Diary as she wanted me to write our story in it. We may die one day but our love will never end. We are just one soul living in two bodies.
(Collection Of Best English Stories | Divorce- A New Journey | The Surprise)


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