Who Woman-Common Misconceptions

Who Woman-Common Misconceptions About Women

Here in this article we will learn about  Who Woman-Common Misconceptions . Do we know that we have many misconceptions about women.

Women, the word which brings the picture of a wife, a daughter, a sister the list is large. Roles is defined and boundaries set which they can’t cross (Lakshman rekha). But who defined this role. Can’t they be exchanged? Women, who are they? Aren’t they same as their male counterpart. Which part of their body is less humane? A male has to prove his masculinity in controlling his wife? Will we need to trap them, setting the boundaries? Why can’t we just free them Why woman are given the badge of honour of her family and she has to carry it on her shoulder ? Why they always need to be submissive?

We as a society needs to ask our conscience because our collective conscience represents our culture.

There are few questions Who Woman-Common Misconceptions

Are they need to prove their piousness all the time?
Why the women are not getting equal rights?
society always objectify women?
sexism considered normal?

Since, the time immemorial the woman are being considered secondary to the man. In past, there had been so many instances that had proven time & again the oppression of the women.
It took 58 years of independence to give women the right of her paternal property.

Who Woman-Common Misconceptions

In the past decade, while Indian GDP has grown by around 6%, there has been a large decline in female labour force participation from 34% to 27%. The male-female wage gap has been stagnant at 50% (a recent survey finds a 27% gender pay gap in white-collar jobs).

It is like She has an unsaid rule set by her parents and this society, She can only talk about what is suitable to the men of this country. It is after you’re married, you realize women too belong to patriarchy.

She gave up her name, changed her house, She changes your bed-sheets. It took years to accept the changed taste of her food, and the new colors of her room. If this wasn’t enough, she changed her best friend from her mother to an empty wall.

Significant number of social institution we have are anti women in nature.Marriage is one of them, it all comes down to women in the marriage. She needs to take full responsibility of the house. Of course free service is a bonus.

Let me put an interesting data Who Woman-Common Misconceptions

1. 22,277 years, time an average female domestic worker will take to earn what CEO of India’s top tech company makes in one year.
2. Women in India spend around five hours a day on unpaid care work. While men devotes a mere half an hour on average.
3 . According to national health profile 2019 average cost of hospitalisation of male in in urban areas is 30450 rs it is 25% lesser for woman
In rural areas it is 19727 rs it is 28% lesser for woman in different states


Men are surprised when they hear this from women. Their common reaction is: “You must be mistaken.” The paradox is that women have protected men and their families by keeping quiet.

This is honourable behaviour, a part of our “honour society”. National Crime Records Bureau statistics for 2012 to 2016 show that approximately 40% of female reported rape victims were minors and 95% knew the rapist. The rapists belonged to the “circle of trust” of extended family and friends.

Young girls have nowhere to go. Talking about rape , a reflection of the culture of this society . It’s a culmination of misogyny , sexism and the patriarchy . A perpetrator thinks that it’s a man’s world I can do this . Abusive words which we use in general they all point out towards woman.
Why no abusive word objectify men? Are they sacred?
Whosoever devised this structure must have been scared of woman . Otherwise, woman would have been given the same place and rights in the society .

 Who Woman-Common Misconceptions

Why wearing a dress defines her character.? Why they need to fear while roaming around Late at night? Is alcohol is injurious to woman only and not man?  it’s a pride for a men to drink alcohol and a matter of shame if woman drinks it ? Why a boy in gang of girls is considered stud and a girl in a gang of boys is considered as slut? Why this bloody hypocrisy?

Men in general have less understanding about woman but Indian male are rare species . The very idea of romance in this society is flawed , it’s male dominated , where consent of a girl doesn’t matter . India is the fourth most dangerous country for woman in the world . What else can we expect from this society where a woman can be raped for wearing jeans , speaking louder , roaming free at night and for so many reasons . Where a woman was subjected to derogatory remarks being the speaker of the lower house by her fellow MP .

What kind of society we want to create . Because in today’s society there is inequality , fear. It’s oppressive in nature. where a girl denied education because her brother is a preferential choice . They both must be equally treated
We as a society we should stop Worshipping and start respecting them.
We must redefine their role, may be they can lead by example
What stopping them? Men needs to ask themselves. Will the ego of this patriarchy ever treat them as equal? Well I don’t know. Do you?

“Empowering woman isn’t just the right thing to do , it’s the smartest thing to do” Barack Obama

_Awanish Singh

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